Morethan 8,000 Cameroonians escape to Nigeria and now live as refugees due to the ongoing crisis in the NW and SW regions. Local communities and governments are the first responders to this latest influx, providing food, shelter, and household items that are desperately needed for those who have left everything behind.

These refugees are currently being sheltered in public schools and health facilities or with local families. The 51,000 registered refugees that arrived prior to this latest influx are being hosted across some 87 local communities in the states of Akwa-Ibom, Benue, Cross River, and Taraba.

“HAICAM is working closely with the Nigerian authorities to ensure that refugees are able to access shelter and basic services. Together we are supporting both refugees and their hosts given pressing humanitarian needs and to ensure there is no strain on local communities given their modest resources,”

“They also need support to become self-reliant. With access to education, health services, and labor markets, they can take care of their families and give back to the local communities hosting them.

HAICAM partners with governments and international organizations to ensure quality protective education for refugee children and young people everywhere. Together with your help, they can learn how to rebuild their lives.